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".it's COraline..not CAroline!"
I hate buttons and know-it-alls.

((Just a lil' Coraline cosplayer called Kelsey. Coraline cosplay/ask/RP blog thingy mostly))

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//Small update!

//Just an FYI for you guys to say that I did NOT intend to or disappear in any way. My school started on the 13th of August and I’m taking the IB course so I really have to pay attention to it sometimes. I still have some pictures left from the con and am prepared to do more projects that’ll include Coraline and my Wybie as well. I will also be working for a local con in October so that’s going to be fun! (I hopeeee) 

"See you trolls soon!"

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"I&#8217;m back to school, slugs. Not having a fun time whatsoever. To be honest I&#8217;m kind of missing this dork..can&#8217;t wait to see him on Friday!"
"Is everybody enjoying their summer? I sure am trying to make the best of it,  trolls.  My school is starting soon and Wybie just won&#8217;t stop babbling about his precious slug-buddies&#8230; Somebody help!!" //On my way home to upload all the #genki2014 photoshoot madness. #coraline #cosplay #LAIKA #neilgaiman #henryselick #blue
Anonymous: Your makeup is wonderful for the con! Did you make your own latex prosthetic?

//Why thank you Anon! It’s actually a combination of a lot of scar wax and liquid latex yes, not really a prosthetic piece so to speak. I just glued some here and there and improvised (:

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//OOC: I’m still here!

//Just posting here for you guys so you don’t think I disappeared, I’m at Daniel’s (Wybie’s) house right now and I’ll be back on Tuesday to post the pictures we took at the con. Can’t wait!

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"A cute selfie with my Wybie from the convention. We&#8217;re having such fun! Been taking some awesome pictures,  stay tuned."
"This doll is definitely a strange little thing." //OOC: TRYING OUT MAKE UP FOR THE UPCOMING CON WOOP
otherbuttons: We need more Coraline Cosplay ask blogs over here, yo. I'm definitely behind getting your partner to open a Wybie ask blog!



//Oh my god I didn’t know whether to answer this privately or not but if you wanna message me more we can just stay private. But here’s the thing, I don’t know whether to just let it be a RP blog or make it exlusively an ask blog, I’ve had so many people interacting with me on there just like my Coraline blog but I’ve come back from a huge hiatus and I don’t know what to do, that’s why I’m also thinking of letting the real life Wybie take over instead of it being just me RPing. 

Either was fine be me, dear. ♥

I’d personally weigh up the pros to the cons. Pros: You get more online interaction between Wybie and Coraline, which is good for documenting events and means everyone gets to see it. Also, it’s another cosplay blog on the Coraline scene which- considering there’s only you and me- would be fabulous. And, with not having to handle a second blog, you can focus on the one precious little doll you already have and get to back in the swing of things now you’re back.~ As someone who’s juggled so many RP characters at once, I found it much easier just to solo a character as a main.

The cons, I suppose, are you lose your own personal Wybie characterization. But that’s what private RPs are for, and there’s nothing stopping you from making a blog for him again in the future. ♥

~ Mother’s advice. Do what you feel you really want to, for yourself.

//OMG YOU’RE ADORABLE. Thanks for the help! I talked to Daniel (Wybie) today and he agreed on taking over the blog, i’m just gonna have to teach him the basics and pester him to be as active as possible. By the way, Other Mother and Coraline should definitely interact more online, maybe throw some RP style conversations here and there if you want to, that way we could maybe get more attention and have some fun c:

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so who’s ready for friday&#160;? 

"Coraline sure is! I&#8217;ll make sure to drag Wybie along with me, WE&#8217;RE WATCHING GRAVITY FALLS"//YOU GUYS I&#8217;M SHAKING CAUSE I CAN&#8217;T WAIT!!!